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SWO was founded in January of 2020 with a vision to empower women to create and conquer. Our founders, Emily Wright and Nicole Jamshidi are passionate about providing minimal, elegant and timeless pieces for all women. Both 23 years old, and just being introduced into the workforce, they found it difficult to find cute yet affordable pieces that flattered their figures but kept them looking professional. While expressing their frustrations during a girls night in, SWO was born. In a matter of weeks, the company was formed and in full swing. Nicole and Emily bootstrapped all funds, designed all marketing and advertising, created and implemented procedures and raised awareness 100% by themselves. SWO is truly a from-scratch, 100% women owned and operated small business.

In addition to being passionate about supplying modern women with modern business clothing options, they are also involved in raising awareness for women owned small businesses. 

Having experienced the challenges and triumphs of creating their own business from nothing, they want to give whatever resources they have to like-minded women embarking on the same journey. Emily and Nicole encourage you to check out our SWO shout OUT page to read about this week's woman entrepreneur.

10% of all proceeds are set aside in a separate fund to give back to women owned and operated small businesses.

We want to hear from you...

We're so glad that you found your way to our boutique! We wanted to express how blessed we are to be able to create something as best friends and if it wasn't for you all, we wouldn't be able to do what we love. Please hear us when we say we would love to connect with you all and create lasting friendships. Women empowerment is deeply ingrained in this business, but it is also a staple of our own hearts and we want to be true to our word when we say we are here to support and encourage women to create and conquer. Click the button below to send us a direct message. We would love to hear from you, encourage you, and walk alongside you as you cultivate your own passion.