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Sales Pitch

I am a Rodan and Fields consultant, meaning I represent the #1 skincare brand in the US formulated by Katy Rodan and Kathy Fields! It’s been such a blessing to be a product of the products and help others achieve self confidence while creating a stream of income for my husband and I at such a young age! Confidence has a major effect on our ability to be the best we can be. With confidence and healthy skin I truly believe it empowers us to face each day head on and achieve all that we were meant to do in this world without feeling like we have to hide and isolate from being embarrassed and held back by the condition of our skin.

What does it mean to be a "self-made woman" to you?

Being self made means to have no doubt in who God created you to be, and to make the most out of everything that happens to you. Every disappointment, rejection, health issue, etc. are only stepping stones to elevate you to share your story and help those out there who are going through what you went through. I believe being self made comes with honest vulnerability and making the most out of what “made” you become your “self”. Being self made means we capitalize on everything in life and make it into something beautiful!

Who inspires you?

I am inspired by Rachel Hollis and Christine Cane. Two women who have used what they had at their disposal to make a massive difference in their circle of influence and beyond.

What was a struggle you faced in your business & how did you overcome it?

I became an R+F consultant because I am passionate about helping others with their skin since I went through hell with my own. I have struggled with the lie that “your skin isn’t perfect, so how are you qualified to help others?” There was a a lot of this at the beginning. Now, two years later, I realize that the thing I’m most insecure about is actually the EXACT thing that qualifies me to help others, not the opposite, which was the lie I started to believe.

One fun fact!

I lived on the Gold Coast in Australia for 3 months in high school! I truly believed that I would live there after college. The funny thing is, the age of 17 I was on a volleyball trip to Las Vegas and said to my teammates, “Las Vegas is the one place I would never live”. But, as I grew to become passionate about ending human trafficking, the Lord truly put me and my husband here on purpose and we currently reside here!

Favorite Products?

I absolutely LOVE the Malibu Crochet Set. It's so comfy and a truly universal piece. I can wear it on the beach for a bonfire, cuddled up at home with my husband or slip it on for some errands. I'm convinced I can even wear it out for a GNO if I dress it up right. I also love the Brizzy Biker Short Set. I love that biker shorts are coming into style again but this one gives it a trendy twist with the crop top.

Malibu Crochet Set
Brizzy Biker Short Set


Amanda vlogs about all things beauty, skincare, health & fitness and her everyday life.