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Sales Pitch

"Hey ya’ll! I’m Laurel and this past spring I embarked on a journey I never imagined myself being on. I took a leap of faith to start my own business during the early months of Covid's appearance in our lives. I am a full-time nursing student and I work as a certified medical assistant in a private care home, as well as a private-hired home health aide. I have always been ambitious; wanting more for myself and in my life! I started my business with Monat, one of the fasting growing companies in the industry – a company changing the game in healthy-aging haircare, skincare, and wellness! Through this opportunity I’ve opened doors to helping others in ways that extend off my passion of health and people!"  

What motivates you?

The future I dream of and the ability to expand my reach of people I can help. People are my passion and I want to positively impact as many lives possible! I have created multiple outlets to do just that – through my nursing career and online business. I dream of having enough freedom in my careers to travel, explore my creative hobbies, be debt-free, and one day be able to stay home with my family. All of these things, and so much more motivate me daily to show up for myself and for others.  ” 


Who inspires you?

The two most loving women in my life inspire me to be all that I can and to never give up on my aspirations. These women are my mom and her mom, my memey. They have always been my biggest supporters – guiding and teaching me how important it is to show up for myself so that I can not only reach my goals but earn those accomplishments.   ”

How has starting your own business impacted you?

Starting my own business has impacted my perspective of small businesses and I appreciate that success in a business is determined by personal efforts and creating connections with others that I may be able to help. I have also gained a community of like-minded individuals that are also pursuing other passions and reaching for more in life. I have a new-found motivation to give each of my passion’s attention, trying to better myself and learn new things daily. There are so many ways to help others and I am blessed to have the opportunity to change the lives of others while also changing mine!  ”

What does it mean to be a self-made woman to you?

In my opinion, being a self-made woman means to be unapologetically and authentically true to yourself. I believe that God made each of us for a specific purpose and that to be self-made is to pursue that purpose in our hearts. Being a self-made woman means being honest with yourself and with others, to carry yourself with grace, and leave a positive impact in all that you do. Self-made women are made through determination, self-awareness, and through the power of turning every trying time in our lives into a lesson and something to learn from.  ”

One fun fact!

A fun fact about me is that I am, sort of, ambidextrous! I write, eat, and tumble left-handed; I play sports (kick, throw, hit, bat), brush my teeth, and cook with my right hand. There a few things I use both very interchangeably like painting and doing my make-up! I think this is kind of cool because each side of our brain is responsible for different things. Most left-handed people are pretty symmetrical between the left and right of their brain, while the majority of right-handed people are left brain dominant. It’s interesting to see the traits from each side in all the things I love to do most! ”

Favorite Products?

"I  LOVE the Brizzy Biker Short Set and the Malibu Crochet Set! Sets are super easy but add a 'put together' finish on your look. I also love that I can dress them up for cute photos or dress them down for lounging days at home. They're both so comfy! I will be living in the Malibu Crochet Set all winter long!"

Brizzy Biker Short Set
Malibu Crochet Set


You can shop all things healthy hair and skin from Laurel! She even offers a quiz to see which products best suit your needs!