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Kaitlynn Ashleigh Derani is a true inspiration...

On December 3, 2020, Kaitlynn arrived at Craig Hospital in Denver to begin her long journey of rehab from a traumatic brain injury. She is 19 years old.  

Kaitlynn grew up in Castle Rock, Colorado. She graduated from Valor High School in May, 2020. While at Valor, Kaitlynn traveled to Rwanda, and that experience both solidified her faith and opened her heart to the world and to missions. She’s always wanted to be a doctor. Kaitlynn is a beautiful, kind young woman. She loves Jesus, her family, and her friends. She’s an encourager, a devoted friend, and is known for her bright smile and joyful laughter.  


Having begun her first year at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California, Kaitlynn was visiting home for her birthday. On October 13, 2020, she was in a terrible car accident. She suffered several injuries, including serious head trauma, her back, neck, and arm were broken, her liver was lacerated along with other internal damage, she had broken ribs, a collapsed lung, and was in a deep coma. The early prognosis was unsure, if she would survive, they weren’t sure she’d breath on her own again, let alone accomplish even basic functions. Over those first 7 weeks, there were many ups and downs. Kaitlynn had 12 surgeries and multiple bedside procedures. She spent the first month on a ventilator, and then a trach, before breathing on her own. Kaitlynn is strong, determined, and motivated. Even with all that is before her, there’s every reason to hope, to eagerly watch and see what she’ll accomplish as the Lord guides and provides for her.   

From the beginning, her family and many friends were praying. They prayed for a miracle, for many miracles, and they watched them occur! Early on, her mom was given a clear sense, a confidence that Kaitlynn would make a full recovery. She is already a living testimony of healing and of God’s goodness. Our God is a God of miracles, and Kaitlynn’s story is and will be a beautiful display of His glory.

How You Can Help

SWO has teamed up with Kaitlynn's family and a few others to bring custom apparel to you in support of all that Kaitlynn has accomplished. Our goal is to raise funds for Kaitlynn's medical bills and to provide as much support as we can to the family. To accomplish this goal, 100% of profits from all of Kaitlynn's Collection will be donated directly to the family. In addition to this, 10% of all profits from the boutique will be donated as well. 

This holiday season, it is important to remember how to love others, how to give generously to others and how to show compassion. We are so excited to welcome Kaitlynn and her family into the SWO community and can't wait to see what more the Lord has in store for this beautiful, strong and kind young woman. 



Watch Sara and Danny Derani's interview with Natalie Tysdal. The story that captivated the hearts of thousands across the world. 

Stay Connected

For updates on Kaitlynn's progress, follow her Caring Bridge site:

To donate directly to their fundraiser, visit their GoFundMe page: