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Some Background

Born in Plano and raised in Houston, TX. Tori founded her own real estate business at just 24 years old. In the last year, Tori has helped dozens of families and individuals buy or sell their homes. Tori loves fitness and has also launched her own personal training business in addition to her real estate business, "The Real Estate Chase". Mother to an adorable two year old boy, Brody, Tori knows the challenges of being a single mother as she was a single mother to her son for the first two years of his life. A close friend of our founder, Emily Wright, Tori is praised for her generous heart, her joyful spirit and her incredible work ethic.

Sales Pitch

I am a hands on real estate professional with a passion to make a difference in others’ lives. I believe purchasing or selling a property is one of the biggest decisions you will make in life, so I devote myself to providing sound real estate advice & helping you understand each step of your real estate transaction. When choosing to work with me, rest assured you’ve hired an agent that utilizes the latest forms of technology to not only get your home sold, but to also find you the home of your dreams. I'm dedicated, enthusiastic, driven and display integrity at all times.

What are your goals for the future?

Honestly, my goal isn't to be a millionaire, billionaire or infinity-aire. I just want to provide the best life for my son. I knew I would have to work hard in order to give that to him, so my life goal is to make my son happy. I want to teach him independence, bravery, kindness and generosity. I want to give him the coolest bike on the block to ride around the neighborhood with, put him in all the sports he wants to play, place him in the best school with the nicest teachers... and I want to see him thrive. I really just want to give my child the life he deserves

Most challenging part of starting your business?

The hardest part about starting my business was that I didn't think people would take me seriously. I'm young, and not as "seasoned" as other real estate agents so I got in my own head and began to think I wasn't going to be successful. I had to do a MAJOR mind reset and focus on what I CAN do, what I'm talented at, what my passion and goals are and only after that, was I able to overcome the negative thoughts I was having about being young in this industry.

What does it mean to be a self-made woman to you?

I came out of a season of my life where I depended on another person to make me happy, to make our money and to make our family successful. I've learned, as I've removed myself from that relationship, I'm able to make myself happy, make my own money and be successful on my own. It's a matter of actually believing in yourself and believing you have the capability to fly solo in order to succeed. Whether that term "success" means financially or something else to you, you get to be the pilot of your own plane. You have to be strong enough on the inside to put your head down and work to meet your goals. To me, that's what a self made woman is all about. She doesn't need another person to determine her worth or success, she determines it for herself.

Favorite Products?

I love the casual style of graphic tees for summer. Their Sun Set Tee is soft to the touch with a flattering cut. It's one of my favorite shirts for summer! I also LOVE the Tomi jeans. They're super comfy and flattering!

Sun Set Graphic Tee
Tomi Jeans