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Sales Pitch

“I help women gain better hair & a life of freedom from WiFI! I retired as a Dental Hygienist to build a business, from home, selling Shampoo. I know – crazy! I decided to make this change in my life because I wanted more time/financial freedom with my 3 kids & husband. I replaced my Hygiene income within the first month! Now I get to help other women make a positive change for themselves too, whether it’s gaining healthier hair or building a business they can be proud of!” 

What does it mean to be a "self-made woman" to you?

“To me, being a self-made woman means that you recognized your desire for more in life and then actually go for it! I think it's so important for us as women to be able to create something that we're proud of and that is OURS. A sense of accomplishment aside from our daily responsibilities as wives, sisters, girlfriends, and mothers, that brings us happiness and makes our lives richer.” 


Who is your role model?

“Bethany Hamilton – that woman is AMAZING! Giving up was never an option for her, I appreciate her determination so much and find ways to implement that same spirit into my life daily.”

If you could tell your younger self anything, what would you tell her?

“Ignore what everyone else says about you. Build your own opinion about yourself because that's the only opinion that truly matters in your happiness.”

What inspires you to put in the work for your business every day?

“My kids. I want to build an amazing life of freedom for my family. I push myself everyday with my at-home business so that not only can I watch them grow, but I can make memories with them every single day!”

Favorite Products?

"I love the Stay Positive Graphic Tee! The message is such an uplifting one and it's design is super cute! Both colors are so cute, but first choice would be the white! I also love the Sierra Denim Jacket. It's such a versatile color that can go with any season. It's also pretty light which makes for a perfect light jacket in summer!"

Stay Positive Graphic Tee
Sierra Denim Jacket


You can shop all things healthy hair and skin from Ali! She even offers a quiz to see which products best suit your needs!